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Serial Slayer Cold Case -- Lena Diaz

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Murder on Prescott Mountain -- Lena Diaz

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It’s the best way I have of letting people know about my books and I truly appreciate the opportunity to communicate with you this way. Don’t worry! I don’t send newsletters out very often, so I won’t flood your inbox. I typically only send a handful a year, if that. Mainly I try to let you know if I have a new book up for pre-order or a new book has been released. Occasionally I’ll let you know about a new series or a new cover that I’m in love with. And I usually do a book giveaway when I send out a newsletter. That’s pretty much the extent of my newsletter mailings.
I try to keep the Home page on this website updated with information about my works-in-progress. But if you’re hungering for news and haven’t seen an update or received a newsletter in a while—or if you just want to chat about my books—send me an email! I LOVE to hear from readers. My email address is Lena@LenaDiaz.com.
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